Post-Separation Conjugal Violence

Separation is a particularly critical time for a woman who is a victim of conjugal violence. Their ex-partner does not always accept that she has left and may be prepared to do anything to continue to exert control over her. The violence often continues after the separation and, in some cases, worsens.

Stalking and Harassment

The man repeatedly calls or texts, follows his ex, stalks her at her place of work or at home, goes into her house without permission and fails to comply with no-contact orders.

Threats and Intimidation

The man threatens his ex and children with physical violence and tells her he’ll make her lose her custody or residency rights.

He may also call into question the parenting abilities of his ex-partner, refuse to cooperate concerning parenting rights and the children’s upbringing, make false accusations, withhold spousal benefits or refuse to pay his share of joint expenses.


The man sometimes tries to convince his ex to come back to him, using different manipulation strategies. He may also manipulate their children, school staff or legal professionals to act against her.

Risks of serious injury or homicide are not insignificant after a separation. If you fear for your safety, don’t hesitate to call the police or SOS violence conjugale.

You can also apply for a restraining order from the court to prevent your partner from coming near you.