Resources and Links

Conjugal violence is a difficult ordeal. Abused women often need help and support to get through it. Abused women often need help and support to get through it.

Many resources exist in Quebec, offering them psychological, medical and legal support. Here are a few examples:

With 47 member shelters located throughout Quebec, this association is an extensive network committed to protecting the physical and psychological integrity of women who are victims of conjugal violence.

The Regional Program for the Settlement and Integration of Asylum Seekers (PRAIDA) facilitates the settlement and integration of asylum seekers in Quebec.

Rebâtir offers free legal consultation services with a lawyer to individuals who are victims of conjugal violence.

PROMIS helps immigrants and refugees through each step of their cultural, social and professional integration.

Juripop offers moderately priced legal services to people who need to assert their rights and improve their living conditions, economic capacity and health.

SOS violence conjugale offers welcome, counselling, information, support, education and referral services to victims of conjugal violence.

Located throughout Quebec, CAVACs offer front-line services to crime victims and their close family members and friends.

CALACS centres help women and teen girls ages 14 and up who are victims of sexual assault.

The DPJ protects youth under the age of 18 who are experiencing situations jeopardizing their safety or development.