Our Services

Maison Secours aux Femmes offers housing, support and awareness-raising services to help women who are victims of conjugal violence and their children.

We provide them with all the resources needed to ensure their safety and to help them defend their rights and regain control over their lives.

All our services are free, confidential and available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, etc.).

Hosting and Supporting
You at the Shelter

When their safety is threatened, often the first thing women experiencing conjugal violence do is to leave their home in an effort to protect themselves. Maison Secours aux Femmes gives them fast access to safe housing, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The length of time spent at the shelter can vary depending on their needs.

Each woman hosted at Maison Secours aux Femmes receives the support of a dedicated advocate throughout their stay. Individual meetings are set up to allow them to confidentially discuss their situation, help them regain self-confidence and get through this difficult period. The advocate can also help them in several areas, such as with paperwork, housing, immigration, health insurance, social insurance, social services and legal proceedings.

Group meetings are also organized to reduce isolation and build relationships of solidarity among the women at the shelter. Lastly, communal meetings are offered to ensure a harmonious living environment and so-called “kitchen” meetings provide an opportunity for the women to discuss topics of concern to them.

Mothers and children living at Maison Secours aux Femmes receive special attention. A mother-child and teen advocate and a child educator support them during their stay.

Individual meetings allow mothers to share their concerns. The victim advocate listens to them, raises their awareness about what their children are going through, helps them maintain a peaceful relationship with their children and supports them in their parenting role and responsibilities (school, medical follow-ups, Youth Protection Services, etc.).

There are also meetings with the children to allow them to express their feelings and help them better understand their situation.

We also offer fun and educational activities, mother and child outings and homework help.

Non-Resident and
Post-Shelter Support

Since 2009, two women’s advocates and one mother-child advocate are fully dedicated to supporting former shelter residents and non-residents.

After their stay at Maison Secours aux Femmes, most women still need support to find a sense of safety and independence. Individual follow-ups are scheduled to continue the support provided during their stay at the shelter. One-on-one meetings in person, by phone and/or online are scheduled to help them in their personal journey and with the steps they have to take. Theme-based group meetings are also offered.

Maison Secours aux Femmes offers support to all women who need it, even if they don’t want to live on-site. Victim advocates listen to them, give them information and provide them with all the necessary resources, either in person or by phone.

Our phone service is available 24/7.

Raising Awareness
in the Community

Maison Secours aux Femmes raises public awareness in Quebec about the problem of conjugal violence. Victim advocates regularly organize information sessions intended for the general public, government agencies and other workers in the legal or social services fields (police officers, lawyers, social workers, medical services, legal services, community groups, women’s centres, immigrant help centres, etc.).

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